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Teamwork makes the dream work

You wouldn’t try and tackle a civil project all by yourself - so why expect that of a single piece of machinery? That’s why we offer a range of combo hire solutions for projects on the Gold Coast, which means you’ll have a much easier time of running an excavation project with more than just a lone excavator.

We’re confident we’ve got a machinery combo hire solution for every project, including yours. So take a look at our range of options, and drop us a line once you know which one’s right for you!

Our machinery combo hire options

Our range of combo hire solutions all revolve around our excavators. By pairing a posi-track/skid steer loader and/or a tipper truck with one of our excavators, you end up with an end-to-end excavation and earthmoving solution. Our selection of combo hire options includes:

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3-5T Combos

Our smaller excavators can be paired with our posi tracks to create an effective solution for smaller-scale excavation works.

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8T Combos

For mid-sized excavation works, combining our 8T excavator with a posi-track/skid steer loader and a tipper truck will help you breeze through your project.

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10T Combos

Bigger isn’t always better… but sometimes it is. If your project requires heavy-duty excavation and earthmoving, our 10T excavator plays extremely well with a posi-track/skid steer loader and tipper truck tag team.

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Our machinery attachments for hire

Increase the utility of your combo hire package by adding one of our attachments for hire - which depending on your project’s requirements, you may require several m. Our excavator and posi track attachments for hire include:

Augers are useful tools for drilling holes in heavy-duty materials like concrete and asphalt.

Our range of buckets contains an appropriate solution for all types of excavation works and digger capacity requirements.

A ripper attachment can make short work of hard ground, and dig up any rocks or roots hiding underneath the surface of a work site.

There's no better tool for breaking through asphalt than a hydraulic hammer attachment.

This attachment does what it says on the tin - if you need to compact, compress, and level a site, this is the tool for you.

This grid-shaped attachment is ideal for spreading and levelling out construction materials like soil and gravel.

If you want your skid steer loader doing double duty as a forklift, this attachment will make it happen for you.

These attachments help you safely lift bulky and awkwardly sized loads using your skid steer loader.

Turn your skid steer loader into a bona fide street sweeper with one of our road broom attachments.

Our hydraulic grabs are ideal for grabbing and picking up heavy construction materials and rocks. Their claw design makes them perfectly suited to safely lifting heavy and awkward materials.

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